Personal Training
Are you ready to take your workout
to the next level, or are you
just getting started? Personal Trainers are available to give you the one-on-one attention you desire. Whether your personal goals are weight loss and improved muscle tone or training for an event, hiring a trainer can give you the edge you need.  Your Personal Trainer can tailor the program to maximize the time you have to work on your fitness.  If you get bored easily, they can make frequent changes to keep you committed to your overall health and fitness. If it's motivation you want, you will get it from a caring professional who has your goals in mind as they push you to achieve them. 
The initial appointment consists of a consultation and assessment prior to the first training session.  Your exercise history and health history will be included, as well as a participation agreement and cancellation policy.  The assessment includes taking initial health measurements, depending on your goals.  These measurements may include resting heart rate, blood pressure, body fat analysis, circumference, body mass index, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and strength.  Short and long term goals will be discussed and recorded.

To schedule your sessions, contact Tasha Ferrell at 
423-639-6107 or by email at